Steingard Financial specializes in bookkeeping services for service businesses trying to navigate the waters of their business finances.

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Bookkeeping and Payroll

Your Business’s Financial Health Is A Top Priority

Effective bookkeeping and payroll management play crucial roles in your business's financial success. Although they may seem like mundane tasks, bookkeeping and payroll gone awry can present several problems. We often see books that have errors. Common errors in financial records can lead to complications in tax reporting, cash flow management, and affect other critical aspects of your business operations. At Steingard, we are committed to doing things the right way. Spend more time with your stakeholders and leave the bookkeeping and payroll services to us. Steingard Financial has a talented team of CPAs and bookkeepers to clean up past books and maintain your current ones. Not all bookkeepers provide the same level of attention and detail Steingard brings to your accounts. Experience the Steingard difference.

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The Day-to-Day


With your books in order, your business is free to thrive. Steingard provides the attention to detail that your business deserves. Even if your books have been botched in the past, we are here to help fix errors. We communicate promptly, which enhances accuracy. Real-time, transparent reporting allows you to have peace of mind. Our satisfied customers frequently express gratitude for resolving issues that previous bookkeepers couldn't address.

Categorization Income & Expenses

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Reconciliation of Statements

Month End Statements

Year End Statements

Grow Your Business

Gusto People Advisory

At Steingard Financial we support B2B Service businesses in the United States who want to be profitable while making sure their team is provided the right resources and care to thrive. Our Practice at Seingard Financial is to help clients maximize the business impact on the their team and grow. Unlike accountants and general bookkeepers who only fill in reports and give financial advice, Steingard Financial goes the extra mile so that your business feels supported through important phases of growth.


People operations support; create staffing, compensation, and retention plans.


We use cutting-edge technology that helps you onboard, pay, and support your teams.

Money Makes The World Go


Given our diverse clientele, we understand that Gusto People Advisory may not always align with your business needs, especially if you're already using another payroll service. Rest assured, we offer flexibility and can seamlessly support you regardless of your current payroll provider. Our team is proficient in both Gusto Payroll and QuickBooks Payroll, ensuring that your business receives the tailored support it requires.

What they say

"Steingard Financial has helped us streamline our bookkeeping and payroll processes over night. We get accurate data to help us plan and organize what the next steps are to grow the business. Thanks SF!"

Jamie J. Business Owner

"SF has helped our business clean years of mess that accumulated in our books from other horrible bookkeepers. Since working with them we have accurate reporting and a dedicated bookkeeper that keeps our team in the loop on our financial status"

Cindy A. Office Manager

"Steingard Financial helped my new business get started off on the right foot. They setup our Quickbooks system the right way so that all our invoices and bank data gets collected and categorized right away. It has been such a simple process to work with the team at SF"

Eric B. Business Owner

Research and Recommendations

The first step is to meet with you to understand your business’s processes and concerns. On this call, we’ll establish what capacity of bookkeeping services are needed such as how many accounts, whether you have employees or contractors, or for example, if you have loans or grants, etc. From there we’ll discuss which services will best suit your needs.

Developing a System and Action Plan for KPI’s

Once we know your needs, we put an action plan together. We’ll request access to your Quickbooks account so our team can go in and review it. If you do not have a Quickbooks account, we will create one for you.

Review and Support

Every month, quarter, and year we submit reports to our clients. This will help you know where you are at so you can make key business decisions without guesswork. We are very responsive and are happy to answer questions along the way.

Transactions Categorized
Reports Created
Employees Supported
Headaches Avoided
Cups of Coffee

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